2020 Moto Trip - 3 Weeks Out and Getting Things Done

By: Kevin JohnsonJul 23, 2020

…and I still have a ton to do on my list of that I listed out in my last post.  But I did get one massive piece done, booking all of our hotels.  It sounds like the world is getting medium back to normal so long as you have a face mask, so that’s not going to be a problem to navigating this crazy time.  It’s unfortunate though, from what I understand, about 25% of downtown Nashville is open, but we’re still a ways out so maybe things will change for the better between now and then.

Now that all of the hotels have been booked and we know exactly where we’re staying I updated the map to show the exact miles, etc.  Based on the map, if we stick strictly to distance traveled between destinations we’ll be pounding a whopping 4,085 miles of pavement!  I’ll soon update the GPS too and we’ll be one step closer there.  We also got our tickets for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so we’re all set there.  AND we decided to take a mini 40 mile detour down to Lynchburg, TN to hopefully check out the Jack Daniel’s distillery.  It’s currently closed but fingers crossed that will change between now and then.

I guess this will be a shorter post, I have a lot of work to do so maybe I’ll stop procrastinating and get to it!

Kevin Johnson
Kevin was destined to ride motorcycles from a young age since bikes are a family pastime.  Only recently did Kevin become an internet motorcycle influencer and change the lives of no one while blogging about his exploits, both on and off the road.  He is currently (and constantly) thinking about the next places two wheels might take him, much to the dismay of his wife, so stay tuned for what's to come!