2020 Moto Trip - Day 3 - The Party Continues

By: Kevin JohnsonJan 21, 2021

Day 3 (8/14/2020)

Oh hangovers, how I loathe you.  Luckily it wasn’t too god awful, and we discovered a product some years back called Goody’s Power that is magical for helping to curb these assholes.  Also continuing the party helps quite a bit so we made sure to pop some tops earlier than normal…we’re on vacation so it’s acceptable, right?  That morning we hopped in Adam’s ancient Cadillac Escalade and made our way to Aunt Claudia’s studio.  We stopped at the convenient store for some “breakfast” items to cure the hangover, but once those were all gone we realized that wasn’t going to be enough so the gals went to the real store for some breakfast fixins and we made a delicious meal together.  During all of this the idea of us staying another day and skipping out on part of the ride got brought up and quickly shut down.  We definitely looked into potentially doing that, but even if we’d wanted to it wouldn’t have made sense at this point since there was basically no way to shave a day without having a few VERY long days to make up for it so we ruled that out in a hurry.

Poor Tab had to work part of the day so she missed out on some fun, but Alexa, Claudia, Adam, Bob, and I had a great first half of the day.  After breakfast and lounging about we made our way into Chaska for some more drinking at Willy McCoys.  A cool sports bar atmosphere that’s slightly churched up and the prices reflect that, but we still had a blast.  When it was time to close out Bob and I decided we’d get the check so we flipped for it and Bob lost (won?) again so I was off the hook for another, and fairly large, check.  Now I was really starting to think that maybe the coin was making up for last year.

After Willy McCoys we ended up going to Tab and Adam’s land/shop where the drinking commenced and we played on some of their toys; a pair of KLX 110s and a 140.  We even got Alexa out on one and she had such a good time we’re still talking about picking one up for her as soon as the outrageous secondary market prices calm down a little.  I also played in Adam’s bobcat for a bit.  Why?  Because I was drinking beer, so obviously!  Safety second I suppose, but also we were still pretty sober having stretched the drinks out over multiple hours.  Claudia had also bought some colored smoke bombs and wanted to do a shoot with our bikes, so we went and got the bikes and headed to the corn field next to the shop.  I still have yet to see how the professional shots turned out, but here are a few of my favorites I took with my phone.  It was a little windy out so a lot of the bombs were sort of wasted but it was still pretty sweet.

Shortly after we finished up with the shoot we found that it was windy for a reason…there was a storm a brewin’ and a potential tornado on the horizon.  Rain and wind pounded hard for a bit so we moved all the toys and ourselves into the shop so we could stay dry and really start the drinking.  Some of their friends met us out there so we had a nice party going for a while.  To be honest I don’t remember what we even did for dinner now, we must have been having too much fun, but I think Claudia brought a crockpot full of pork and some little Hawaiian rolls to make mini-sandwiches.  Details are fuzzy, but I DO remember Claudia having to leave abruptly because her poor husband was having some chest pains that he really couldn’t explain, and we were all worried that it was a heart attack.  Turns out he ate 5 weed gummies thinking they were regular candies!  So he was perfectly fine, just super high!

We continued to party for quite a while at the shop, and for some reason the gals thought it would be a good idea to wrap Bob up like a Christmas present.  Turned into a great photo-op if nothing else.  Eventually we ran out of beer there and found a ride back into Cologne and back sitting at the bar at Pounders.  Being a Friday night it was a lot busier than the night before, and Adam was having himself a time!  The beers and rumchata root beers were flowing something fierce!  We also wasted away the rest of the cash we’d made the night before on more pull-tabs.


Finally it was time to go back to the house for one last cold one before hitting the sack since we were getting back on the bikes in the morning to continue on our trip, next stop: Norway, MI.  As I fell asleep I vaguely recall thinking: wow we did a ton of shit and had so much fun here in such a short amount of time!  And then I prayed…dear God, please don’t let me wake up hurting too bad in the morninggggg…zzz…



Kevin Johnson
Kevin was destined to ride motorcycles from a young age since bikes are a family pastime.  Only recently did Kevin become an internet motorcycle influencer and change the lives of no one while blogging about his exploits, both on and off the road.  He is currently (and constantly) thinking about the next places two wheels might take him, much to the dismay of his wife, so stay tuned for what's to come!