4,000 Miles and No Pics!?

We're all a little offended

By: Old AlSep 19, 2020

Well the boys have been back a couple weeks now and from what I’ve been told, it was a heck of trip. Now my question is “where are the pics”?

Since there has been no stories of the adventure, I guess I’ll have to keep this site afloat. If you remember my last 3 articles, I have jacked this site. Some one has to keep it going and we’re still in negotiations over the ransom amount.

So if you what to help, please respond with requests for photos. Maybe some peer pressure will do the job. So in the meantime I have included a pic of me from one of the Florida trips in the early eighties.

Thanks for reading!
Old Al

Old Al
It’s pretty odd how I came into motorcycles as my father couldn’t stand them.  But as life moves on, things change. Now here I am, still riding. It’s been a long road, 55 years riding and 116 bikes later, and now writing a column for this site. What a long strange trip it’s been.
  • Well? Where are the pics?