Introducing Old Al!

By: Old AlNov 17, 2019

Congratulations to for sharing the motorcycle trips and photos of some of their experiences. I may be a little biased here as I’m Bob’s dad and Kevin’s uncle. Yes I’m  Old Al. Kevin asked me to share some insight (?) and experiences of 55 years riding. As this is my first foray into this web journalism, this may get interesting.

A quick intro. I started riding 55 years ago at age 12. In that time I’ve been coast to coast border to border and Canada. Kevin and Bob rode a similar route as one of the trips I rode to Canada, although they rode it clockwise and we did it counterclockwise.

Thanks for reading. If invited back, I plan on sharing some of my experiences and lessons learned from riding this long.

Old Al
It’s pretty odd how I came into motorcycles as my father couldn’t stand them.  But as life moves on, things change. Now here I am, still riding. It’s been a long road, 55 years riding and 116 bikes later, and now writing a column for this site. What a long strange trip it’s been.