NIN Vegas Adventure - Day 2 - "Showtime!"

By: Kevin JohnsonJun 25, 2019

Day 2 (6/16/18)

This was a decently easy day despite more wind in NV.  We woke up early and hit the road so we could spend some time in Vegas before the show. The ride was pretty bland except where you go through the canyons between St. George, UT and Bunkerville, NV…basically the whole cut through Arizona.  It’s hard to keep to the speed limit through this stretch (we were warned in advance it was a known speed trap area) but we managed to get through unscathed and unticketed. We stayed at the Hard Rock since that’s where the venue was for the concert and it was surprisingly nice for being off the strip. Been to Vegas a dozen or so times but this was the first staying off the strip and it was quite nice.

View from our room overlooking the pools

Once we got into town we went and sat by the pool for a bit, soaked in some rays, and killed a few buckets of beer.  It’s good it was a nice warm day, because for $10/beer the tasted quite good on that hot day.  The check in lady told us about the two different pools, one was basically a massive party and the other the family pool.  We opted against paying the $50 each to go to the party pool and instead lounged at the family pool.  It was a great choice as we could see the pools from our room and the party one was loud, crammed with people, and turned out to be a massive bathing suit orgy.

Concert poster from that night

After a little more lounging we went and ate at the Pink Taco, picked up a shirt for a friend back home, got ready for the show and got in the already long line to get in.  We even got slightly confused as there were two lines, one for merch and one for the show…that good merch goes quick!  I would have loved to have a poster from that night but having a good spot for the show was far more important (we were about 4-5 rows of people back), so we settled for whatever shirts were left at the end, and believe me, there wasn’t much.  But that was fine, because the concert was absolutely amazing!  Top 3 shows I’ve ever been to for sure.  I think it’s partly that the show was great but also the whole experience and trip and company that made it such a good time.  After the show we were decently spent, I was a little drunk, so we called it there and hoped for the best in the morning.

Left to right: Wales Trophy, Mark Messier Leadership Award, Vezina Trophy















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