NIN Vegas Adventure – Day 3 – “From the Desert to the Mountains”

By: Kevin JohnsonJun 25, 2019

Day 3 (6/17/18)

I woke up a little hung over and starving, but it wasn’t anything bad.  There was a Dunkin Donuts in the hotel, and that double sausage sandwich and large coffee saved me from an excruciating ride ahead.  We blasted from Vegas to Flagstaff and we were going to stop at the Hoover Dam but it was so windy I was already fed up with it so we just cruised over the bypass bridge at a whopping 35mph for fear of being blown right over the edge. Cutting down to Kingman was pretty bad as well because of the wind but then after we got out of there it settled down a bit and was nice.  I don’t know how people stand to live places where it’s so windy like that, but to each their own I guess.

Coming into Flagstaff was really cool and very unexpected.  We kept seeing signs saying that we were there but because there are so many evergreen trees you couldn’t see much until you were right on top of it. We pulled up to the hotel and saw a set of V-Stroms with Canadian plates which I though was awesome…and a long way from home. It got my mind turning about perhaps a Canada trip one day…  After getting checked in we relaxed some before going to dinner at the Beaver St. Brewery that night – really good pizza and beers, would definitely recommend. I really liked the little bit of Flagstaff we saw, super pretty area and the people all seemed really nice.  I definitely want to go back and explore more of the town and the whole area when we have more than basically a single night to take it all in.

That night after dinner, Bob and I donned our bathing suits, filled our glasses with some more firewater, and sat in the outdoor hot tub at the hotel for a bit.  It was nicely brisk but not cold which made for the perfect hot tubbing.  A few other people came in to explore the tub, but I’m not sure if it was our presence or the lack of gate knowledge that turned them away…either way, we had the whole thing to ourselves which was very peaceful.

I didn’t take any pictures for some reason so I guess this day report is a whole mess of text – but there are some good ones tomorrow, so go check them out!

Kevin Johnson
Kevin was destined to ride motorcycles from a young age since bikes are a family pastime.  Only recently did Kevin become an internet motorcycle influencer and change the lives of no one while blogging about his exploits, both on and off the road.  He is currently (and constantly) thinking about the next places two wheels might take him, much to the dismay of his wife, so stay tuned for what's to come!