Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Denver!

By: Kevin JohnsonJan 11, 2020

We’re just one short week away from the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Denver!  I’ve been to your typical swap meets before, but never this event so I’m pretty excited to check it out.  I really don’t have many expectations going into the show but I’m hoping to see a lot of new bikes, specifically the new Triumph Tiger 900’s.  That is one good looking motorcycle, and could be the bike that gets me away from my beloved BMW…

Speaking of BMW, I really hope they bring their R18 Concept bike.  The pictures I’ve seen of it make it look super cool, so I can only imagine how good it looks up close in person.  Other than that though, I’m just along for the ride.  Kick some tires, meet some people, and generally enjoy the day!

Old Al, Bob, and I will be attending on Saturday, January 18th so we hope to see everyone out there!  We’ll be the guys in the Moto AF shirts, subtly promoting the site while equally wearing cool designed shirts by Dan Pag.  Fingers crossed we run into a few of you and can grab a cold one.  I’ll be bringing my camera so we’ll have lots of pics to post on AdvFort for those who can’t make it out.  Until then, ride safe and we’ll see you soon!

Kevin Johnson
Kevin was destined to ride motorcycles from a young age since bikes are a family pastime.  Only recently did Kevin become an internet motorcycle influencer and change the lives of no one while blogging about his exploits, both on and off the road.  He is currently (and constantly) thinking about the next places two wheels might take him, much to the dismay of his wife, so stay tuned for what's to come!