Spring Planning

By: Old AlJan 02, 2020

Ah, the holidays are over. Take a breath, loose a few pounds, catch up on bills, and plan for warmer weather. Living in Denver we don’t really have to winterize our bikes. We have enough warm, dry days to go for a couple hour ride and still be home before the sun sets.

Now is an ideal time to think and plan some trips. Kevin posted one last month, but Old Al has few more in the works. I don’t take those 2 week trips anymore but I am always in for 3-6 days. My trips are the western states but there is still so much to see and re-see. Some of the places and roads are locations that Bob and Kevin haven’t seen or saw previously from trucks and campers.

There are so many places that never get old. I’m thinking of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Moab, Grand Mesa to Telluride, just to name a few. Another trip back to the Salt Flats and the Bonneville Grand Prix in Utah is always a great time. I haven’t been to the Bonneville Salt Flats or the Grand Prix in Tooele, Utah in a while and the boys haven’t ever been, so this is a welcome trip.

This is also an ideal time to hit the swap meets and bike shows. The International Motorcycle Shows have already started for the upcoming season. Their schedule puts them across the nation, so hopefully one will be in your town or close enough to take a weekend trip to it.

So as you can see there is plenty to keep you occupied and ready for spring. Maybe catch up on some bike maintenance and tires while you have the time and don’t have to scramble to get it done in April-May.

Thanks for reading,

Old Al

Old Al
It’s pretty odd how I came into motorcycles as my father couldn’t stand them.  But as life moves on, things change. Now here I am, still riding. It’s been a long road, 55 years riding and 116 bikes later, and now writing a column for this site. What a long strange trip it’s been.