The Ransom Has Come Due

There's no place like home

By: Old AlAug 23, 2020

Now that I have jacked this blog it has become too valuable to return it for free, so the ransom amount has been set. If my demands aren’t met I at least want a raise.

This installment (the last till the boys return) is the discussion of the return home. During a long trip you have taken in so much info that it takes awhile to decompress and sort out just what all you saw, did and where you have been. Some people keep a log although I just used all the pictures I shot to refresh the memories. Before digital cameras and cell phones, it was slide film for me. I would lug my Pentax ME SLR all over the country. When I left home I bought Kodak mailers for half the film I brought so I’d send it in for processing while gone. I was nice to come home and have half of your photos there to review while the you had the other half processed.

The boys will have been gone 2 weeks when they get home and will be happy to get there. In all my years and road trips I found one of the best things to do is to turn off the homing instinct to hurry back that last day or two. I found it relaxing and beneficial to make the last 2 days shorter or cut the last day short and come home the next day covering only 150-200 miles. The take away from this is the night before think and talk about where all and what all you’ve done. When you ride home on that last short day, you’re not as hyped up or burned out. It gives you a chance to unwind, unload, do laundry, pick up your dog, etc.

Well, if my demands are met the next article will be from Kevin. Personally I can’t wait for the stories and pics.

As always, thanks for reading

Old Al
It’s pretty odd how I came into motorcycles as my father couldn’t stand them.  But as life moves on, things change. Now here I am, still riding. It’s been a long road, 55 years riding and 116 bikes later, and now writing a column for this site. What a long strange trip it’s been.
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