Winter Woes

By: Old AlDec 22, 2020

As Christmas approaches and we gear up for the long, ugly, cold winter months, it’s time to find a worthwhile and productive way to spend January to April. 

Living in Denver, we are fortunate enough to get to ride semi often throughout the cold months. But it’s still not enough. Four months is a long time to kill, so a good garage clean up or another motorcycle project may be just the ticket. Years ago I heated my garage and that helps but I’d still rather work with the door open.

This year I need to re-evaluate the stable of bikes. I know my Harley and Triumph are going nowhere. That leaves the Yamaha MT-07 and the Blue Bullet (50cc Zuma scooter). I know I need to thin the herd as I have only half of the two car garage. With four bikes and the snow blower it gets awful tight. Lately I’ve been jonesing for the new Honda Trail 125 and another project bike, but that will still leave me with four. The obvious solution is a bigger garage, just not practical. Kevin and I talked about renting a shop but it’s not the same as just going out to the garage. Another shop would be great, more room for more stuff. One temporary solution might be to sell the “Bullet” and the MT-07. Then try to control myself. But lately I’ve been wanting another trials bike. 

Well, now I confused myself and it’s Christmas time so I think I’ll get through the holidays and address this after New Years Day. Anyone out there have any suggestions, I’d like to hear them. At my age any guidance is appreciated.

As always, thanks for reading,

Old Al

Old Al
It’s pretty odd how I came into motorcycles as my father couldn’t stand them.  But as life moves on, things change. Now here I am, still riding. It’s been a long road, 55 years riding and 116 bikes later, and now writing a column for this site. What a long strange trip it’s been.